Waste Access Cover Plate - fitting instructions

Once waste pipe centre has been established and marked on the underside of the cabinet, hold cover plate over pipe centre with tail of cover plate towards cabinet back. Scribe a line around the cover plate and jigsaw a hole 10mm in from the line. This will give sufficient gluing surface for the self-adhesive backing of the cover plate. This size hole will also provide sideways as well as in and out cabinet positioning as is often required.


Once cabinet is in it's fixed position the cover plate is lowered over the waste pipe and adhered to the cabinet floor hence covering over the slotted hole, which can be roughly and quickly cut as it will never be seen. The cover plate can be easily cut with a knife or scissors if the tail is too long. For any existing plumbed applications where the cover plate cannot slide over the end of a pipe, simply cut through one side of the rim so that the plate can be twisted and flexed around the pipe.

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