Support Catch for BI-fold Corner Units - Top mount

Support Catch for BI-fold Corner Units - Top mount

Bi-fold corner units often have problems with doors dropping and being damaged. As the handle door hangs at 90 degrees to the hinged door it causes a twisting effect resulting in misalignment. This effect can be noticed from new or over time depending on the door material.

Past solutions have been tried to compensate for the twisting effect.

The Support Catch, which fits towards the top of the 'handle' door, has been designed to apply sideways pressure to counteract the twisting effect, which is seen as a dropping effect.

The Support Catch is particularly necessary when the hinges used to connect the bi-folds have their own self closing device. These hinges cause premature door closing causing door edge damage. In this situation, the Support Catch is still needed to stop dropping and damage.

Bi-fold doors can be extended past their neighbouring door and cause damage if the door edges, catch plate or handle screw heads are allowed to make contact. The Support Catch has been designed to prevent this damage by incorporating a soft tyred wheel which is all that makes contact during misuse. The size of the wheel prevents door edge contact.

The Support Catch boasts a smooth action with a strong pull in force. It can be used as an improved catch for other applications. The Top Mounting Catch can be shelf mounted to remove twisting of taller doors which can not be corrected by self closing hinges.

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